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I need surgery but can't afford it

unselfish started this conversation

I need surgery but my insurance won't cover the cost until I serve the waiting period. I was recently diagnosed with CIN:3 or pre-cancer. My  doctor recommends that I have surgery within a week or two. Otherwie this pre-cancer will most likely become cancer Stage 1. This type of cervical cancer tends to be invasive as well. I'm 25, single and do not have any kids. If I have this surgery now, I can avoid a hysterectomy for atleast a few years. MY insurance will not cover this surgery until June of 2010, when the waiting period is over. By 2010, my doctor thinks it could spread and I will require a hysterectomy then. The surgery, if I was the pay for it out of pocket, would cost $7,473. I, needlesss to say, do not have that kind of money. Nor can I afford an extra bill at the moment. I am looking for any kind of grant or government program for the under-insured or persons in need of medical bill assistance. If anyone knows any programs that ould help me, or if you need more information, please contact me!!!

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Look up Surgery on Sunday
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well i am 36 years old and Ive had knee surgery when i was a kid. My knee was injured again while at work recently and I thought it would be covered under workers compensation. I have recently learned there tactics are to discredit injured persons and take long leisurely debates on coverage. The doctors had a surgery planed for next week but guess what. NOT HAPPENING until someone that's not a doctor can make the choice for me and my work wife and three children will be unemployed with a lame dad at home until God or some other miracle gets me covered. Good luck too you all and my prayers are with you.
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 in response to djay28...   

Why am I not surprised that Walmart is your employer? My first question is - did this happen at work? If that is the case, then this would be covered under workers compensation - NOT your own health insurance.For your own private health insurance to cover a comp injury would be fraud. Your employer knows this and they would be held liable.

If in fact, the injury was not caused by your employment, the Medical Center of Lewisville may be able to help. They have a policy to help people in your situation.

If they cannot help, ask them who can, they may be able to refer you to someone.

You may also want to check with Modest needs - they may also be able to assist you as well.

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 in response to whoknew...   i have tear in my shoulder right around collar bone it causes constant pain also arthritus in same told i need surgery to correct the problem.i have a 1700 insurance deductable before they will pay anything.i dont have 1700 dollars any suggestions.
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 in response to unselfish...   The government grant book you can look at your local library in your area.
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just as an update,

I looked into the financial aide programs through the hospital and they would still be out of my finacial ability. I have tried to find government grants and foundation help, but all of those require it to be atleast stage 1 cancer or higher. My doctor thinks that it is most likely or will be stage 1 very soon. I doubt my insurance will cover another biopsy to prove this though. Everything I look into ends up just discouraging me and leaving me back at the begining.

I will not let my friends and family pay for this. If they were millionaires, that would be a different story! My friends and family get by finacially, just like me. If I cannot afford this, how can I ask or let my loved ones hurt themselves finacially??

I am afraid that if I pay to get one of those gvernment grant program packets, I will be scammed. Has anyone had any good/bad experience with those?

 Any help or ideas or ssuggestions at all would be greatly appreciated!! Only 232 days left until the insurance waiting period is over!

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try this - they may be able to help

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